• Bahmud Ali

    Bahmud Ali

    This faithful muslim zealot hailing from somalia wields the holy Digimentals of Faith and Hope
  • Jack "Jax" Fats

    Jack "Jax" Fats

    This energetic young gamer wields his fiery wit as a weapon with the unstoppable Digimentals of Courage and Tenacity
  • Kanbe Kuma

    Kanbe Kuma

    Friendly, loyal, and full of wisdom, Kanbe Kuma wields the Digimentals of Knowledge and Friendship
  • Mizuno Nanami

    Mizuno Nanami

    Prudent and judgmental, stubborn and forgiving, this wiley 17 year old wields the Digimentals of Light and Love.
  • Paige Autumn Shamus

    Paige Autumn Shamus

    Flighty and vivacious, this young beauty wields the opposing Digimentals of Purity and Desire
  • Travis Yervant Raz

    Travis Yervant Raz

    Emissary of darkness, this soul lost between the corruption of two worlds commands the Digimentals of Darkness and Sorrow
  • Vance Tarrel

    Vance Tarrel

    A pirate from the 1800's, Vance now wields the Jade Digivice and the holy blade Excaliber clad in a suit of black chrome digizoid armor.
  • Vlad Walker

    Vlad Walker

    A monk from the 1400's, Vlad now wields the Nighthawk Digivice and the dragon halberd Dynas.
  • Calcipher


    Vance Tarell's partner Coronamon