Vance Tarell's partner Coronamon


Calcipher is quick witted and spunky, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. He can be a loud mouth, will say what he fells regardless of the consequences, but has a strong sense of justice and compassion for his allies and friends. He has a tendency toward alcoholism, given the way it stokes his flames. He is loyal and brave, and will risk it all for his friends and loved ones. His sister is Artemis the Lunamon, by their parents Jupiter the Zeusmon and Letona the AncientMermaimon. On the battlefield he is a fierce opponent, and never backs down no matter how intimidating his enemy may be.

Evolution line (Parentheses list evolutions prior to purification):
Baby I – Mokumon
Baby II – Sunmon (DemiMeramon)
Child – Coronamon (Candmon)
Adult – Agnimon {w/digimental of pride}, Firamon {favored}, Fladramon {courage}, Meramon {anger}, FlareLizarmon {apathy}, Boarmon {fear}, Lynxmon {happiness} (Setmon {w/digimental of pride} Meramon {favored}, Starmon {happiness}, FlareLizarmon {courage}, Wizarmon {empathy}, Evilmon {sadness})
Perfect – Dutchmon {jogress w/Brendan}, Luminaramon {jogress w/Artemis}, Flaremon {favored}, BlueMeramon {anger}, Volcdramon {Courage}, DORUgremon {happiness}, Vritramon {courage}, (DeathMeramon {favored})
Ultimate – FlyingDutchmon {cross bio w/Vance and Brendan}, Apollomon {favored}
Golden Armor Evolution – Ardhamon {w/digimental of miracles}
Quantum Evolution – Huanglongmon {w/2nd hand of God}


Originally partnered with Hector and defeated at the hands of the Demon Lord Barbatos the Barbamon in ancient times, he was turned by Lucifer the Ombramon into a Candmon, and eventually partnered with Vance Tarell as his helper on their assigned quest to earn back Lucifer’s lost kingdom. Upon Vance’s realization of this folly, and purification at the hands of Gabriel the HolyAngemon, Calcipher slide evolves to Coronamon and regains his lost destiny.


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