Digivice 2.0

The familiar Digivice and weapon of demon's bane. No chosen is complete without one.


It loses the ability to store and send items and messages, but gains an immeasurable holy power. It imbues the wielder with the ability to act in synchronicity with his/her partner, enhances the mind and spirit of its wielder, reinforces their health with regenerative properties, can dismiss and cast out impurity and corruption in the bodies and minds of others, and most importantly, is a hyper catalyst for evolution. It is limited to evolving Digimon no further than the adult level, however there is much unexplored potential to be had in this ability.


An upgraded version of the Digivice 01, this is the completed weapon of demon’s bane. With the help of the chosen and their dark emissary companions, 6 stellar tears (fallen remains of stars that exploded in the digital realm’s skies) were collected from the corners of the digital world and brought to Libertine city to be incorporated into the Digivice 01. Only 5 were able to be installed, as the modified Digivices belonging to Vance, Vlad, and Travis rejected the holy power of the stellar tears.

Digivice 2.0

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