Jade Digivice

Vance Tarrel's Digivice, modified by the remains of the ancient Jade Curse


A modified version of the Digivice 01, this Digivice is capable of bestowing the power of the Jade curse upon anyone without its lethal downside. It also has the power to magnify burst within Digimon and spur evolution. This unique form of evolution enhancement can be incredibly successful or unsuccessful depending on the luck of the wielder, and can result even in perfect evolutions for its subjects. In addition to these strange abilities, a hidden ability exists within the programming of this magically modified technology: bio evolution. It allows its wielder to sacrifice his/her body temporarily to offer it as an evolutionary catalyst for his/her partner, resulting in a perfect evolution. Involving two partners, it can also initiate Cross-bio evolution, resulting in an ultimate.


While the chosen, accompanied by dark emissaries Vance and Vlad, rested at Sarah the sunflowmon’s primary village, Vance discovered the dormant Digiegg of Joan the D’arcmon, and former Lady Jade. There they discover the origin of the dark witch’s name, and a key piece of her past. After falling to the dark will of the black gear and evolving to LadyDevimon, Joan left to create her own army to rival her sister Celestia the Angewomon. In so doing, she fight and kills a powerful Digimon who holds dominion in the darkest wood of WWW Island, Treskage wood. This victory proved to have its drawbacks, as she inherits a parasitic power that rested within this monster; the Jade Curse. Her crimson claws become encrusted with solid jade enhancements, increasing the destructive power of her hand, and sharpening her wit and reaction time. Enchanted by the power and precision she has acquired, she names herself Lady Jade, giving no thought to the possible repercussions of this strange affliction. In her defeat at the hands of many, this jade curse clings to her mask as it falls from her face. Vance finds the digiegg of Joan still plagued by the remains of the curse that binds her soul. Vance and Vlad try their best to purify the egg from this plague, and in one attempt Vance places Lady Jade’s mask upon his face. He is pulled into a trance where he meets Djinn, the withering soul of a Lampmon who created this curse many ages ago to punish predator Digimon for their careless slaughter. He now clings to the curse for life, sipping off the life-force stolen from the curse’ victims. He attempts to plague Vance with the curse, but with his partner Calcipher’s help, they stave off this mental assault and remove the mask from Vance’s face. The curse, and soul of Djinn encircle Vance in the air, attacking him from all angles with shards of sharp jade. Vance shields it with the arm were-upon rests his Digivice 01, and all of Djinn’s power gets absorbed by the Digivice, transforming it into the Jade Digivice.

Jade Digivice

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