NightHawk Digivice

A Digivice 01 modified by Kangee the Karatenmon


The Nighthawk Digivice is a modified version of the Digivice 01, granting its wielder many ninja arts. It allows its wielder to create shadow clones of his/herself to confuse the enemy, turn his/herself invisible to the naked eye, modify status errors positively or negatively, and to weaken the binds that hold a Digimon in its evolutionary form, allowing for more leniency in evolution and allowing evolution to take place with less burst (a Digimon’s inherent evolution power).


Vlad Walker traveled to the WWW archipelago where he finds Kangee in the ruins of Himitsu village. Kangee realizes another human has fallen into his lap, and attempts to manipulate Vlad into his favor. He modifies Vlad’s Digivice, combining it with his own research to attempt to unlock the secret behind catalyzed evolution. The result is the Nighthawk Digivice.

NightHawk Digivice

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