Twilight Digivice

A modified version of the Digivice 01


The twilight Digivice, a perfect balance between light and dark forces within a Digivice, allows its wielder to imbue his/her self or partner with an aura of white light that protects them physically and mentally. It also allows the transfer of burst from one willing source to any recipient, or store it for late use. It is also the only Digivice capable of storing live Digimon in its data storage.


Travis Raz gets his Digivice 01 modified at industria by the Eldrich the Phelesmon and Azazel the Mephismon. It becomes the Shadow Digivice, capable of storing live Digimon, and stealing burst from Digimon for personal use. Later in his travel’s, Travis finds himself at a cross roads, to atone for his misdeeds or to drive himself further into karmic debt. He chooses redemption, and is bestowed by Celestia in her newly evolved form as Ophanimon, a holy power unto his Digivice. The darkness of the shadow Digivice meets Celestia’s holy gift creating the Twilight Digivice.

Twilight Digivice

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