Digimon Origins

Chapter 1-5

Since these sessions were run a long time ago, I will compound the sessions in sets of 5 (with the exception of chapter 33 which was posted the night after it was run). This will give the breif story while saving time.

Bahmud Ali with his Psychemon partner Zesiro, Paige Autumn Shamus with her partner Vaughn the Neemon, and Jax Fats with his Kokuwamon Max all meet up in Libertine city, largest city on the island where they emerged.

Paige, on her way there, encountered a friendly Kabukimon named Kayla fed her and sent her on her way with plenty to spare. She leaves her with a warning of the dark witch Lady Jade, a Lady Devimon who walks the island building an army to take over the island.

As they walk about and explore the strange city of monsters they have stumbled into, it is attacked by three large adult level Digimon. A Greymon, a Birdramon, and a Tyrannomon barge through the city walls and begin a mindless rampage. They each have a black gear protruding from them.

The Digimon partners of our heroes rush into battle while Bahmud climbs to the top of a roof where he fires a broken laser rifle he bought from a Nanimon. It misses most of its shots. Just as the child Digimon realise the power difference between themselves and an adult level Digimon, help arrives. A Fladramon dives into battle, and helps break the black gears on the Digimon, freeing the from their frenzy and sending them back into the wild.

He introduces himself as Orion.

Orion is surprised to see humans, and says that it must be that the prophecy spoken of in the book of creation is at hand. He concludes that Lady Jade is the dark threat that the book talks about, and says he’ll aid them, since getting rid of Lady Jade is his main goal. He takes them to a local in, the prancing Pegasmon, and they all rest for the night. In the morning, they wake up to a note, and no Orion. It reads:


I like to get an early start to things. Meet me at the bottom of the south gate stairs before high noon. I’m leaving then, with or without you. I suggest you prepare for the worst. Lady Jade and her cronies don’t fuck around.


Jax, Bahmud, and Paige meet Orion outside. He is standing with his back to a tree. He greets them with a speech.
“Glad you guys could make it. I guess this means you found my note… This is the last time I’m going to give you the chance to turn back. From here on we’re gonna be team mates. Out there in the heat of battle I need allies I can depend on. I don’t want to see anyone high-tailing it out of there just cause things get a little ugly. Like I said, Lady Jade doesn’t fuck around. She has no problem killing or torturing any of you. But if you really are serious about helping me put a stop to this bitch, then I’ll be more than glad to have you aboard. You should know that I’m a man, and I live and die by my word. If you join me in this, then you all have my word that I will fight alongside you til the end. Out there, it’s all for one, and one for all. Any questions?”

They humans and their partners agree, and they quest out into the wilds of the digital world. They come to the nearby forest of Alnoor. They fight 3 more adult Digimon with the black gear infecting them, and then come across an altar. It is a statue of a Holydramon. Below it inscribed in digicode it reads "Holydramon, great dragon of light. Offer up your repentance and receive the blessings of forgiveness. "

Next to it are two chests, one containing white robes, and the other containing a mandala staff.
Jax arms himself with the staff and Paige wears the robes. They continue on out of the forest and reach a brief stretch of plains. Walking across the plains they encounter a burger stand run by a Burgermon. He tells them that his customers are all being chased away by wild Digimon that attack for no reason. They all have black gears sticking out of them. They explain that they are on their way to do something about this very problem, and stock up on food at his shop. Then they continue on until they reach the peninsula.

There they see a Renamon with a large group of adult level Digimon performing a ritual. A dark mist rises from all the Digimon as the Renamon prays in an ancient tongue. It culminates into a cloud and flows across the island. They can see from where they stand, a similar mist from two other locations on the island. The three streams of mist join together and amass into a thicker cloud.

to be continued…

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Chapter 33
Last time on Digimon Origins...

Departing from Server, and leaving Alexander (recently evolved to Wingdramon) with the crown of the Dragon Empire, the chosen head onward toward WWW island and Libertine city.

On the way there they encountered many different earthly life forms around them including a polar bear. They all disappeared after a short time. Shock waves and pulses of inverted colors coursed through their surroundings as they neared Libertine.

Approaching Libertine they found it enshrouded in a dark cloud and swarmed with hordes of demons. They docked at Myotsuba Peninsula and marched up toward the gates of Libertine. They were ambushed by 2 Devimon, 2 Bakemon, and 2 Evilmon. They made short work of them.

Continuing on they entered Libertine to find the situation even worse than they imagined, the entire village was in ruin, and hordes of evil Digimon swarmed about. Gabriel was visible in the sky fighting off the hordes. A Vamdemon, SkullSatamon, SkullGreymon, 2 Devimon, and 2 Devidramon approached the group, and were slaughtered before they could land a blow. Just then, Gabriel was struck down.

As he lay dying upon the scattered pages of the book of creation he held in his hands, he uttered his final words of encouragement. He handed off his sword, the holy blade Excaliber, to Vance Tarrel, as his worth had been proven in the eyes of God.

As the demons who slew Gabriel threatened to attack the chosen, a mysterious Ophanimon came to their aid. It was none other than Celestia, returned to save her homeland from the hands of evil.

As the ground quaked violently, preparing for the rise of Lucifer to the physical plane, Celestia blasted Spiral Mountain, causing it to rain down upon the demons below and block Lucifer’s entry point. Celestia informed them that she had slowed him down, but he was not stopped, and will not be until they slay him with their own hands.

The chosen deemed it necessary to descend into hell and put a stop to Lucifer before he is able to surface. And so they stood on the ruin of Spiral Mountain, and with digivices shaking violently, descended into the depths of the inferno to stop Lucifer in his own realm.

They fell through darkness and fire, protected by the holy aura of their digivices, until they landed on solid and barren ground, before them a wide flowing crimson river. As they approached, a gold vessel approached, and the ferryman, a Phantomon, bid them to pay the toll lest they wait on the river bank alone for eternity.

They paid 2 bit a piece, and crossed the boat to the otherside. There they were approached by Cerberus, the Cerberumon.

He told them that for trespassing upon Lucifer’s home, they must be executed. Vance thought differently. Executing Cross Bio Evolution, he fused with his two partners to reforge FlyingDutchmon. FlyingDutchmon blocked Cerberus’ assault, and slew him in 3 swift moves. Then they proceeded together through the long dark cave before them, to face what horrors await them in hell.


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