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As stated on the home page, Digimon Origins is a homebrew game system. It is entirely unique, although it borrows many fascets of existing systems. It is heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, World of Darkness, and Fire Emblem.

Characters run off the following stats:

Strength – Focus – Willpower
Agility – Wit – Charisma
Precision – Wisdom – Luck

These stats make up all the character’s other stats based on equations:

Speed (A character’s movement range, Strength + agility – Weight Class)
Constitution (A character’s defense stat, 1/2(Strength + Willpower). This value is subtracted from all incoming damage)
Health (A character’s damage capacity, Constitution x 2 + Strength + Level (1 for humans and baby I, 2 for babay II, 3 for child, etc…). A character is unconscious at 0 Health, and dies at -10 health for human characters)
Digicore (Digimon Only, When a Digimon’s health reaches 0, subtract damage from this value. At 0 the Digimon dies. 1/2(Health))
Fatigue (A character’s physical endurance, Constitution x 2 + willpower. This is used as a cost for attacks, and at 0 the character must roll overcome checks to avoid falling asleep)
Digisoul (A character’s affinity with the ambient emotional power of the digital world, and his/her relationship with their inner resolve and convition. Wisdom + Willpower. This is used as magic points, and a cost for many special attacks.)
Aim (A character’s ability to successfully strike an opponent. Agility + precision + luck + [predesignated value] – WC {subtracting weight class is unique to physical attacks})
Crit (A character’s ability to land a critical hit, striking the opponent in his/her vitals. 1/2(Precision + wit + luck))

In order to do many non-combat actions, characters roll checks such as Acrobatics to avoid assault, overcome to endure mental taxation, sense motive to see through a character’s lies, etc. Like DnD, Knowledges and crafts are included here.

Because this is a Digimon game, evolution is a big part of it. Each Digimon has a burst meter, accumulating points of burst (evolution energy built up by trying situations). When a Digimon’s burst meter reaches maximum capacity, evolution is eminent, and the player switches over to a character sheet of their Digimon’s newly evolved form.

A Child level Digimon requires 15 burst to evolve to an Adult, 20 from adult to perfect, and 25 from perfect to ultimate. Ultimate Digimon also have a burst guage, which in rare circumstances, can result in Burst Modes and other Super Ultimate Digimon.

Damage in this game runs on the classic elemental system. I use the following elements.

Fire — Ice — Water
Lightning — Wind — Earth
Metal — Light — Darkness

Most attacks deal damage of a specific element, and are thus multiplied by the percentage the receiving Digimon has in that particular element. Elemental damage ratios range from 0 to 200%.

Combat is dealt with on a hexagonal grid system. Attacks have a range of 0 through any quantity of hexagons, and hit varying quantities of hexagons at a time. Speed determines how many hexagons on the board a character moves.

These are just some of the fundamentals of this game. Stay tuned for more.

Main Page

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